Here is a top 10 list I have created for you to do on your snow days. It doesn't discriminate against age either.

These are great things to do for young and old alike, whether it's a snow day from the 7th grade, or a snow day from the 7th floor.

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10. Catch up on your reading! If you're like me, you never have time to just sit down and commit hours on end to reading a good book. What a perfect excuse to curl up in a warm spot and read until your hearts content. If it were me, I'd love to read the Harry Potter series, or at least start it. I know, I'm weird. I've seen the movies and always wanted to read the books, too.

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9. Build a snowman. Not just any snowman though. Use all this time to your full advantage and build the biggest, most insane snowman anyone has ever seen. Think of it this way- It's not the best snowman ever until you need a step-ladder to apply the corncob pipe and button nose! And then for some extra added value, find a really cool way to destroy it. Sorry, that's just the young boy in me wanting to wreck stuff!

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8. Baking. Yes, I said it. Am I a good baker? Absolutely not. Do I still think it's fun? Of course I do. As long as you don't have to venture out into the desolate wasteland of winter to get your supplies, this will make for a great afternoon. Heck, don't even follow a recipe! This is a chance to put your culinary abilities, or disabilities to the test and create something totes unique. Yeah, I said totes. Wanna fight about it?

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7. Scrap-booking/ photo album. I suppose this day in age this can be an actual physical album, or even rearranging your digital photos from the book of face or even Instagram. Let's face it, you probably have hundreds if not thousands of pictures kicking around with no captions, labels or any sort of order at all. A snow day is the chance for you to get all that stuff in order. And throw out those pictures of that ex you've been meaning to get rid of.

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6. Sleep all day. No, seriously. If you want to, then why not? When is the next time you're going to be able to lay in bed sleeping all day without someone being upset about it? Never. So take advantage and catch up on that sleep you didn't even know you lost and relax with some shut eye while the snow piles up outdoors.

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5. Purge and update your mp3 player. This is one on the list that you might be thinking is a little strange- but think about it. How often, since you set it up, have you gone through and updated your most listened to playlist on your music player. Having all day with nothing to do on a snow day is a great excuse to go through and delete the stuff you never ever listen to and download some new tracks you've been meaning to get on there. We've all been there clicking next on the iPod as each song that comes up is one we're tired of hearing.

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4. Video games/puzzles. The reason that I'm giving this two different options is because you may be into one more than the other. I would love to sit around all day and play some Call Of Duty, however, my fiance Keri would much rather do a 1,000 piece puzzle. I would rather not even have the snow day at all if meant doing a puzzle. That's why I included two different things. Play any game you enjoy. Video games, puzzles, board games... whatever!

3. Clean the house. Whether you're a kid home from school or an adult home from work, this is a great chunk of time in which you can get a ton of stuff done around the house. Now, I'm not talking about just a quick sweep and vacuum. No, no.. I'm talking hands and knees scrubbing the crapper and cleaning the bugs out of the windowsills. Come on people, the place isn't gonna clean itself. At least that's what my mother always said to me!

2. Netflix (and chill). Of course the and chill is for the older people home from work who actually know what it implies, and the Netflix portion is safe across the board. Just don't watch Netflix though, BINGE watch Netflix. Watch so much Breaking Bad that you're convinced your eyes might actually rot out of your skull. Oh, and side note- If you really haven't seen Breaking Bad, you're missing out big time. It's epic.

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1. The Price is Right. Is any American snow day complete without this iconic TV game show? I remember sitting down still in my PJ's on snow days as Bob Barker would come out on the stage with that 7 foot microphone to start the show. Times have changed- the show is in full HD, the games have gotten better and Drew Carey is the host. No matter what, the Price is Right will always hold a special place in the hearts of Snow Dayers young and old alike.