Thirteen Maine companies on Inc. magazine’s list of nations 5,000 fasting growing companies. Well, I say any good economic news is good news.

According to the Bangor Daily News, companies were ranked based on their percentage of revenue growth in revenue from 2009 to 2012. And only privately held, independent, for-profit companies were considered. The highest slot on the list a Maine company pulled with number 25. It is Vets First Choice. They are an online pharmacy for veterinary offices.

The rest of the list for Maine goes like this: No. 33 — Provider Power, No. 104 — CashStar, No. 1,348 — Tilson Technology, No. 1,469 — Argo Marketing Group,  No. 1,664 — KPI Direct, No. 2,043 — Putney, No. 2,507 — ITS, No. 3,055 — Winxnet, No. 3,493 — Sage Data Security, No. 3,741 — Bar Harbor Foods, No. 4,848 — Mailings Unlimited.

Now for a little math 15 out of 5,000 is 0.003%.