Two thousand Canadian cyclists who planned to spend a week pedaling around central Maine this summer with a Canadian bike touring group won’t be coming after all. That is unless someone can help out right way with their U.S. customs issues.

According to the Bangor Daily News, this not good news for the communities and groups like the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, who are now reaching out to Maine’s congressional delegation to see if anything can be done to help address the issues.

This tour is a BIG deal. It would have brought 2,000 cyclists, plus support crew, to Maine for a week long 600-mile ride. The cyclists were to begin in Waterville then ride to Bangor, Bar Harbor, Belfast, Damariscotta and back to Waterville.

If the group can’t work out the details with customs for this summer, all is not a total loss. They still want to come to Maine and the Canadian tour is hoping they can do their Grand Tour in Maine for 2015.