It’s the end of the year and the fiscal cliff deal is in the 11th hour. I figured a survey would be a fun thing to do instead of getting all heavy and newsy tonight. It’s called Favorites And Least favorites of 2012.

2012 Favorites:

1) Favorite moment – Having my Mom visit in September.
2) Favorite night out or date – Date? We have three kids.
3) Favorite movie - Tough one as I see so few. I’ll go with 'Part of Me.'
4) Favorite Song – 'Some Nights' by .fun.
5) Favorite TV Show - Either ‘Parenthood’ or ‘The Voice.’
6) Favorite place you went - Probably our weekend in North Conway, NH.
7) Favorite thing you bought or were given – The house.
8) Favorite job – The one I have, the only job I’ve had. 92 Moose!
9) Favorite person – I have so many. Lynn, Dylan, Justin, Vikki, Mom, my sister.
10) Favorite celebrity – Katy Perry.

2012 Least Favorites:

1) Least favorite moment – Asking for help after getting the house.
2) Least favorite night out or date – I don’t believe I had a date night in 2012.
3) Least favorite movie – 'The Three Stooges' was kind of a disappointment.
4) Least favorite song – I have to give that to 'Gangnam Style' by PSY
5) Least favorite TV Show – 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter'
6) Least favorite place you went – The hospital for Vikki’s ear tube surgery.
7) Least favorite thing you bought – Cigarettes are probably at the top of the list.
8) Least favorite job – I’ve only had one and I love the job.
9) Least favorite person – Not going negative here but I’ll say a politician or two.
10) Least favorite celebrity – Same person I would have said in 2011, Chris Brown.

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