Dictionary.com has added 300 new words to their website.

Here are some of my favorites:

Al Desko - eating at your desk

Butthurt - mental distress or irritation caused by an overreaction to a perceived personal slight

Deso - a designated driver

Free-Range Parenting - a style of child rearing in which parents allow their children to move about without constant adult supervision, aimed at instilling independence and self-reliance.

Ghosting - ending all contact with a person without ever explaining why

Health Goth - a health / workout enthusiast who's also goth

Lumbersexual - a man whose style of dress and appearance is reminiscent of the ruggedly masculine stereotype of the lumberjack.

Totes - slang for totally (as in "totes ma goats")

My personal favorite from this list is "lumbersexual", but the one I use the most (and have for a couple years) is "butthurt"

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