The new year is well underway and winter has it's grip which brings out thoughts of warmer weather and vacations. As a family, we're conjuring up ideas of what to do or where to go. Now that we're a family of five it's not as easy as it used to be. It may entail renting a six or seven passenger van or SUV and a larger hotel room.

Halifax downtown (arena foreground)

I haven't been to Halifax, NS Canada, the city where I grew up, since 2008. I haven't gone since for a couple of reasons. First reason is because of the new passport law and second, it's not like we can just drive up and crash on my Mom's couch like we did back in 1999. Today we're a whole crew with luggage to boot. So, a trip up also means finding a hotel. Looking for accommodations for a vacation can be fun but at the same time tiring and confusing.

I always look forward to seeing friends and my Mom when we go. The tentative agenda for this getaway is going to have two parts. The full nine days Saturday to the following Sunday will be split between Halifax and Edmundston, NB (Just across from Madawaska, ME)  to see Lynn's family.

Now back to looking at Travelocity, Priceline, Expedia and Hotwire. Maybe I'm missing one or two sites but the search for deals continues.