A big 'tip of the Moose antlers' to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by the O'Connor Auto Park.

Christina Benedict

English Teacher

Gardiner Area High School

Mrs. Benedict was a teacher that throughout my high school experience was constantly making an impact on me to do my best and be a good person. She literally is a walking angel. She also runs the Civil Rights team at the high school, constantly reaching to make kids accept and love each other. Setting up multiple fun fund raising activities through out the school year to help benefit many different charities and raise awareness of multiple issues. Christina also works at the Red Barn and dies multiple fund raising activities through there also. This woman has made such an impact on so many children's lives. Christina Benedict is one of the single most caring, loving people I've ever met. She truly loves giving and spreading joy to people.

Nominated by Prezleigh Fortin