A big 'tip of the Moose antlers' to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by the O'Connor Auto Park.

Doug Wood

Emergency Room Doctor

Franklin Memorial Hospital, Farmington

Doug has always been a giving person. After college, he joined the Peace Corps and lived in the Philippines for two years. After that he traveled around the world settling down in Taiwan teaching English as a second language for a short while. He came back to the States and went to medical school. He has been an EMT in college. After working here and there, he settled into Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington and has been there for eleven years. He's done work in several hospitals throughout the state.
On his way into work one day, he saw a car drive into a telephone pole, knocking it down. Since he is an emergency room physician and was an EMT long ago, he pulled over to help. The man driving the car was OK but unsure of what had happened. An ambulance was called and while waiting on the side of the road for them to show up, another vehicle came along and the driver was not paying attention to the road in front of them (or the downed telephone pole). They hit the downed pole going about 45 miles an hour. This made the pole go airborne, and made the vehicle begin to spin several times. The flying pole hit Doug in the lower legs, knocking him off his feet and onto the ground. When the vehicle stopped, it had implanted its driver's side mirror into Doug's thigh. His head was wedged within the wheel well. He had to have several surgeries to his legs, a skin graft and now has a limp and lives with constant pain. It's been six years since his accident, but he still continues to go to work and help those in need. He saves people who are having heart attacks and strokes. He's delivered babies into this world. He's held the hand of those who are dying and had no one. He's also been the shoulder to cry on for the families who have lost loved ones. He also helps those who are just having a bad day an need help. As a result of his accident, he has pain in his leg and always will. Despite that, he chooses to continue to work. He lives with the pain rather than relying on pharmaceuticals and dedicates himself to his work and his family. He is a dedicated physician who deeply cares for his work and his patients. He also deeply cares for his family too. He volunteers his time to help assistant coach his kids soccer team. He is part of the Watch D.O.G. program in his children's school and also camps with his son and the scouts. He is a devoted father and wonderful doctor. He is the hero to his three children and to me. That's why I thought I'd share.

Nominated by Kristina Wood