A big 'tip of the Moose antlers' to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by the O'Connor Auto Park.

John Potter

Junior Firefighter

Jefferson Fire and Rescue

John Potter is one of the most down-to-earth, happiest, compassionate men I have ever met. He is a junior in high school and is 17. He attends Lincoln Academy and Morse High School in the morning; he is also a junior firefighter and an EMS for Jefferson Fire and Rescue. For the amount of time I have known him, he puts his community before himself. He has so much compassion for his job. He has helped so many lives and just recently he helped out his best friend (who had been in a bad accident but walked out perfectly okay) he had been perfectly calm and took care of everything and aided his friend. John had gone to his friend’s truck and sorted through everything, trying to save anything he could for his friend. He was so selfless; it just makes me more proud to have found someone so compassionate about others. I am so proud of him. He has done so much for his community since the day he was allowed to be a part of the department and he will be the future of town. I couldn’t be more proud of this man. My boyfriend is my hometown hero!

Nominated by Falecia Dupont