A big 'tip of the Moose antlers' to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by HS Builders and the Red Barn.

Michael DeLeo

Vietnam Veteran

Despite his illnesses and diseases from war, he has fought to raise 6 children and has fought to keep his marriage for 20 years. He's done everything in his power to give my siblings and mother the lives we deserve and now that he's too sick to do that anymore, I'd like to recognize him as MY hero for everything that he has done. He's done more than raise a family, he's instilled pride and loyalty and strength in everyone he's met. I don't know how to recognize him in any other way. He's been too sick to be a father, but he's turned into a cancer, hepatitis c, diabetes, and a war survivor. And he's been nothing less than a hero to me. Please give him what he deserves before it's too late. He's completely convinced no one is proud of him anymore and I'd just love a better way of showing it then trying to say it all by myself. Say it with me. :)

Thanks Dad, you've done everything for me and given just about everything for this country. You've given your health and your ability to do things as a father but you've still tried 110%. I love you for what you've done. It's been torture growing up and seeing you in pain every day of our lives. It's been even worse watching you get worse and knowing that each day might be the last. It's been real hard. But I just keep pushing cause that's what you taught me. It's what you were taught. And I wish you could go a day without pain; I wish you were laughing and taking charge and playing with me and Graham. But that time's far gone now. And I miss it every day. Thank you for everything you've done for me and this family and I'm so sorry it's your turn to be taken care of again. I wish you could do it yourself. You're a man of strength, loyalty and resilience and I can only hope to become half of what you are. You're everything to me and you deserve nothing less than the title of a 'hero'. You've saved all of us. Thank you.


Nominated by Chelsea DeLeo