I had been meaning to call Time Warner Cable and see about getting my internet turbo charged with the fastest service offered to residential users. I upload a lot of really big files in my business and I needed a speed boost. Besides, I've been sick all weekend so why not do indoor stuff.

When I got a live person after a layer or two of voicemail, I told the lady that I wanted to upgrade my internet but I'd also need to downgrade my cable tv package. I asked her to get rid of Showtime and cancel my dvr. She looked at what I had and after a minute she came back with a price that was $75 less than what I was paying. I questioned if that was only dropping the dvr and Showtime. She told me she didn't drop either one. In fact, the new price included the internet upgrade while keeping Showtime and my dvr and adding HBO, Cinemax, Starz and The Movie Channel for 3 months! All because I called to change a couple things around. SCORE!

The only caveat was, I needed to get a different modem. She said Winslow had them and I could go pick it up. So I went. Guess what? Winslow was out of them. The customer service was great, though. A call to Augusta confirmed they had one but I had to get there in 30 minutes because they closed at 1:00 pm.

23 Minutes later, I was talking with Renee at the Augusta office and picking up a new modem. Then, home I went to hook it up. Only problem was, and this was relatively minor, it wasn't a modem with a phone jack. I have voip phone so this modem now has to go back. That error was a disconnect between corporate and local. The local folks got bad information.  Fortunately, they'll be making a house call tomorrow with the new one so we can be pretty much uninterrupted insofar as the internet goes.

People love to complain about these big service companies and I'm no different. But to be fair, they should also get a little notoriety when something good happens. I'm happy with my savings and more than satisfied with the local representatives of TWC.

Gotta go.....my movie's on!