If you are a child of the 80s or early 90s, you probably remember Teddy Ruxpin... The fuzzy animatronic bear that moved it's mouth and eyes as it told stories. Well, he's coming back!  And, in my opinion, he's kinda' creepy!

According to Chris Hardwick's site The Nerdist, we're getting a nerw high-tech version of everybody's favorite storytelling teddy bear (unless you count Ted, of course).

The original (from 1985) played cassette tapes and used motors to move the mouth and eyes.  The new version, from Wicked Cool Toys, plays stories off a 4 gig hard drive and has (CREEPY) blue LED eyes.  It'll hit stores in August 2017.

Check it out here:

The really big downside?  Now that his stories are mp3s on a built-in hard drive, you can't put your favorite Biggie tape in Teddy and make him sing "Hypnotize".

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