Marie Anne and I got our first use out of the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club we joined about a month ago. My brother-in-law Dave along with his wife Pam and kids Chase and Kasidy joined us and we did a little bit of shootin'!

Marie Anne decided today that she like shooting the AR-15 rifle and announced that she might be wanting to get another gun. She currently has a Ruger 9mm pistol that she got to really try out today. It was a great way to spend some quality family time doing something we all enjoy!

The Augusta club is a great place to be if you're a shooter and can't find a good place to target practice or site in your rifle at 100 yards. They have a few pistol ranges and a rifle range. They also have an indoor range! You only need to be a member or the NRA and have someone sponsor you. If you're in the Augusta area, you should have no trouble finding somebody you know. The club boasts hundreds of, women and families! And the rates are quite reasonable.

If you like competition, there are opportunities to do some competitive shooting. They even have a group of women who get together every week to compete with air guns!

So, if shooting guns is your thing or you'd like to try, you'll need a place to practice. If you're in the Augusta area, you need look no further!