This is a follow up on the city of Auburn saga that is the upgrade or new build of Edward Little High School. Yesterday I wrote about the city of Auburn debating over whether to do a major overhaul of E.L.H.S. or build a new high school either on the current site or to build on a new piece of property.

As I mentioned, last night at Auburn City Hall the High School Steering committee was to discuss plans for what to do about E.L.H.S. and they did just that. All but two of the 15 members voted to build a new high school for Auburn.

This doesn’t lock them into their decision forever. In the coming months they’ll discuss and decide where they want to go and whether they want to stick with the concept of building a new school, which would cost an estimated 65 million dollars at the city’s expense.

If Auburn goes ahead and builds a new high school, the property tax looks like it would go up about $300 a year for a property valued at $150,000.

Even at that rate, I still would vote yes, when or if it came to me, on a ballot come November or next year. Obviously a philanthropist to pay some of the cost would be nice, but I guess time will tell.  Education is important and having the proper tools for the 21st century is imperative. Let’s do this and not table it.