Saturday started out as just a ride north for my dad and me.  As we approached Bangor, I remembered Marie Anne mentioning something about a museum with military displays so I Googled it and found the Cole Land Transportation Museum.  So there we went!

Neither of us had ever been there and we were both blown away with both the size of the place and the number of exhibits they had.  Dad enjoyed going back to yesteryear because many of the cars, trucks, tractors and other modes of transport were ones he had either used or was familiar with.   I enjoyed him enjoying himself and loved the fact that he could tell me about different vehicles, how they worked and what they did....from experience!

I would recommend this as a trip for anyone...especially if you appreciate vehicles, nostalgia and making memories with someone in your life like a parent or grandparent.  I've come to appreciate times like this more than ever because I know that I won't be able to do it forever.

Thanks dad.