Okay, so you know of my love of burgers... and 'Five Guys.' You can imagine my excitement when I heard of the burger franchise opening a location in Augusta.

I have driven to Bangor, Brunswick, and South Portland separately, just to go to 'Five Guys.' Maybe on the same day, I'm not saying.

Last year, when I was house bound because of my fusion surgery, when I was finally allowed to be in a car, I decided on 'Five Guys' as my destination point. So yeah, I love 'Five Guys.'

But, do they love me?

I heard this week that they are having a private invitation opening (Dec. 4) this Sunday, before their official opening, (Dec. 5) Monday.

Did I get an invite? That would be, "Noooooooooooooooooo!" Not that I'm complaining or anything.

I decided to go to their location at Journal Square, just off Western Avenue, to see if maybe I could get an invite!

(DISCLAIMER: In the video above I messed up the date, saying the 'Opening Day' is Dec. 4. It's actually, Dec. 5. I was so excited, I got the date, not the day, wrong!