I’m not a huge church going Catholic. Maybe I should go more but anyway this is not why I’m writing. The occasional time I have gone to mass with my family it was nice to see Fr. Brendan Harnett a priest do homily with a sense of humor and have it be light-hearted and fun. Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish and the Auburn community have lost a good person.

Loved his stories on life and from parts of the world I’ve never been or will probably ever go. He had been sick for awhile and retired earlier this year due to illness I understand so it’s not a total shock but it’s sad all the same. He was one of the good guys and is now gone.

We are just here for a blink in time when you compare a lifespan how old everything in the universe is. Enjoy life and the ones you love because you never know when it could be lights out for you or someone you love.