April 20, 2010 Sox won. Darnell McDonald's first Fenway home run

As I get older I start to see how other people and places get younger. For instance my dentist is probably at least five years younger than I am. I see it with teachers as well. And other parents, most of the other parents at my son’s elementary school are younger.

Now a co-worker, Mike, and I were chatting and going through the baseball stadiums, and found only five that are older than I am. They are, Oakland County Coliseum, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley in Chicago, Fenway and Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  

Oakland is getting a new ball park soon too, Cisco Field set to open in 2017. After they open, there will just be four. I beat Kauffman in Kansas City by only a year but still, it’s a younger ball park.

Camden Yards, April 20, 2011

Fenway is now over 100 years old and a gem, landmark, museum, but in essence is a ball park. My question,  do you want to see a new baseball stadium built in or very close to Boston? The debate over a new Boston ball park has been brought about in the past then put to rest. Only to be once again brought up, only to be squashed once more. Would building a new ball park in Boston be blasphemy? Do you think we should leave Fenway as is and or upgrade with minor improvements each year or so.