AH, the smell of skunk.  You don’t even need to have a direct encounter to ‘enjoy’. The perfume of a skunk is so powerful that even a near-by skunk can share it’s odor and affect your home and universe. ICK!   Here is what I was reading you can do. I did not test this out…so let me know how it works.

The answer my friends…vinegar. Yep. I love vinegar for cleaning and on a cuke. But this is handy to know as well.  Apparently if you have a fresh skunk spay that is wafting into you home but the house or any of its occupants were not sprayed directly you can place them around the house in the skunky smelling areas.  Just that easy, so I read.  Definitely worth a try next time there is just a little too much skunk drifting in my windows.