I've spent the last several years working 3 jobs...on the radio, in my studio and at events (like weddings, reunions and so forth). Now, I've cut back to two, having stopped doing events. Not only can I put more time into the other two but I've also freed up a bunch of time on weekends. But as I sit here on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I wonder where has the extra time gone?

Pool is quiet save for the hum of the pump

I was on the deck today having a soda and listening to the hum of the pool pump. Just a few weeks ago, the pump would have been nearly drowned out by conversations and little Evan yelling from the pool deck, "catch me Peepee, I'm going to jump!"

The smell of barbecue did NOT fill the air today...the gate to the pool remained locked and the toys that are generally used for playing with in the water, sat dry and lifeless as though they were resting for another season.

This has been a strange summer. From hot to rain. From cool to rain. From downright chilly to rain. It feels more like September than August and the activity seems to reflect that. In addition to the very un-summerlike summer, my dear wife Marie-Anne has been split in different directions. Home, work (3rd shift) and caring for her ailing mom. That, in-and-of-itself, has made things seem a little awkward this year.

When I have days like this I often ask myself, am I making the best use of my time? I'm the only one who can answer that because each of us has to learn what our own personal idea of best use is. In other words, it's subjective. You may not think I'm making the best use of my time, but that's your opinion. I may not think you're making the best use of yours, and that's only my opinion. There is no right or wrong as long as you're not using your time to bring about bad. Only YOU will know, when it's all said and done, whether or not YOU should have used time differently. You have to work, you need to play but, for your own good, take some time to reflect. That's the only thing that will give you a good perspective for moving forward before there's no time left to do so.