Earlier this week we bought the paint to brighten up the kids' rooms. One room, Vikki's is now complete and in a little bit we're attacking room number two, Dylan's room. Vikki's room was a sage green. It was okay. However, it was a flat paint and wasn't very designed for our daughter.

The "Before" Color

What a task in Vikki's room of which Lynn did most of the work. Layers upon layers of wallpaper. I know it's easier but really, painting over wallpaper? At least try and get it off first. If you can't clean it 100% then okay, but that was a job, apparently. Kudos to Lynn and the kids and their work while I was at the Moose when most of the room prepping was done.

UGH! Wallpaper on Wallpaper

Yesterday we painted, and painted. Vikki's room is "California Violet" with a white trim. We're not pros but we did our best. I think it came out pretty nice, if I do say so. Also in this transition, Vikki went from a crib to a toddler bed. It was a trying first couple of nights but she has grown to like her new bed. Thunder also like her new bed. Every night they go to bed together. After Vikki falls asleep, Thunder leaves and does what cats do. That's right,  eats and then fall asleep somewhere else.

After pic #1

Now it's time to prep Dylan's room for a makeover. He wants blue walls and green trim. There is wallpaper up in his room too. This stuff is brown and very 70s, so we're hoping there is only on layer. Painting will start tomorrow, if all goes to plan. Justin's room will follow and hopefully will be done by next weekend.

After pic #2

Back to working. I'll post the before and after pictures of the boys' upstairs rooms when they're done. Until next time I leave you with a little video.