I have been lucky, other that a little dip in my power here and there, no problems.  But I just check the Central Maine Power Company website and WOW a lot of Mainers are without power today.   Most of those without power right now are in Somerset and Kennebec county.  

I understand there were some severe thunderstorms tore through the state. A friend of mine in Livermore had now power, but the storms also too out huge chunks the fence around her yard, uprooted a big willow tree, and tossed the trampoline and a shed across the street.  Scary!

by Merry Tracy-St. Pierre

So stay cool, drink lots of water and today might be a good day to go to he movies or walking around the mall, just to get out of the heat.  But remember your four legged friends. If you leave them home find the coolest spot on the house, make sure they  are safe and have water too.