Show me the money! There around about 200,000 households’ eligible for the Maine Resident Property Tax and Rent Refund Program. Since the average refund is about $475, that is a large amount of money for Mainers to just leave behind. There are a lot of reasons people don’t take part, from simply not knowing about the program to no wanting to deal with the extra steps.

But given that fact everything cost so much more, any extra in my bank account is worth the extra work. The Maine Resident Property Tax and Rent Refund Program is designed to provide relief to people whose property taxes or rent represents a disproportionate amount of their income. Do you qualify? Maybe! Maine Revenue Services can tell you more. Yes, there is some paperwork, but it is not overwhelming. An extra few hundred dollars can buy a lot of gas for the car, groceries or make the oil tank just a little less empty.