Adam Levine of “The Voice” and the band Maroon 5 says he takes all of his first dates to where else, but McDonald’s. Nothing wrong with a bit of Micky D’s, but to dress up and go there on a first date? Okay, I guess whatever floats your boat.

Where was your first date ever? Where was your first date with your current significant other? Did anyone ever take you to McDonald’s on a first date, and if so, did they break out a coupon?

My first real date where I paid and stuff was at a place called Freeman’s in my hometown. My date and I had pizza then went for a walk through the neighborhood, chilled at a school yard. It was back in mid September of 1988.

My first date with my wife was more impromptu. I believe I’ve told this story before. It was a drive through Livermore, Wayne, Turner and New Gloucester on Rt. 219 that ended at Pizza Hut in their old location over by the Subaru dealership on Center St. in Auburn

Can’t say I’ve ever taken anyone to McDonald’s on a first date. Beat you there, Mr Levine.