"Lived in Sin" from 1999-2000

I’ll admit it, I’ve lived with two exes domestically. Also, my wife and I moved in together about a year and a half before getting married. In this article, it says more and more people are moving in before getting married.

From 2006 to 2010, 48% of women and men living together were not married. Back in in 2002, it was at 43% and 1995, it was 34%

I don’t personally see an issue with “living in sin”,as our parents called it, for the most part. I call it “living in split-the-bills.” Obviously it’s case by case on how I feel. If couldn’t stand my son or daughter’s significant other, I’d be opposed to it, but if I liked them, I’d be OK with it. Not that my opinion means anything as our kids would have to get the okay from the boss, Mom.

Some people for the good or bad might say “why buy the cow when I can milk it for free” (an expression I hate by the way). Or some might say it’s a “test drive” of the relationship domestically. I've found it always came down to being a cost thing. You’re going out steadily and you’re both into each other exclusively, living on your own is more expensive. So why not “shack up" and save?

If the relationship doesn’t work out, it can be messy, but it teaches you to be careful next time. I haven’t done research but I’m guessing some states have “common law marriage.” Common law marriage says something to the effect of, if you live with someone as “married” then you are. It may take affect at six months, a year, maybe longer?

So have you lived with a girlfriend/boyfriend, did it work out? Would you allow your son or daughter? Stories, if you’d like to share.