The long awaited return of 'American Idol' begins tonight on Fox! Will you be watching? Now on it’s 13th season with the only real on screen connection to the first being Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson. Let the audition shows roll. It’s the good, the bad and the comedy.

I like the premise of the show. A basic talent search with viewers input. At times I feel the show has "jumped the shark" as the saying goes but I usually watch to some capacity.

Whenever American Idol is brought up in conversation I think about those who were to have promising careers that seem to in my eyes fell short. Examples would be Kris Allen, David Cook and Taylor Hicks. On a side note, whatever happened to Brian Dunkleman? Yes in the first season there were two hosts if you recall. I know I could Google him but I'd rather just go with the wondering.

Now for the positives, the show has launched many artists’ careers where even though they didn’t have many hits they have gone on to do great things, like Jennifer Hudson, Katharine MacPhee, and I’ll even say Clay Aiken.

My favorite three 'American Idol' judges of all time are Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler and Simon Cowell. My three least favorite are Nikki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Kara Dioguardi.

Here’s to hoping the show goes with few gimmick and truly does get back to it’s roots!

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