Both ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’ are rolling now. To this point thanks to the cold weather, surgery and a DVR I’ve watched all of the episodes of both shows this season to date. Often asked in conversations about TV which show is better?

As a format, I still like ‘American Idol’ better as it is more of an open cattle call. I think as a talent search platform ‘American Idol’s concept is easier to understand. What I like more today about 'American Idol' is that they have gotten more serious in their audition episodes over the past season or two which I think says a lot for the addition of ‘The Voice’.

American Idol has shown fewer William Hung and "Pants on the Ground" type comedy and gotten a little more about showing us real potential talent.

I also think Harry Connick Jr. has been a great addition to the panel. I’m also happy to see the panel back to three judges.

Now it is time to take on ‘The Voice.’ I love the mentors, judges or whatever you want to call them. Their chemistry is great. I especially love the banter between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Usher is a great addition and replacement for Cee Lo Green , Shakira is alright but I’m not sold on her. Maybe I’m just biased but I love Christina Aguilera.

What really I like about ‘The Voice’ is that there are no prejudices regarding weight, look or style as none of the panelists can see the singers audition before they hit the button to turn their chair. The downside to the blind auditions or the “Blinds” is that to be a star you can be alright vocally and have a style or swagger to make up for a lot and be huge. It’s a combination of a few elements to make it big.

Aside from Cassidy Pope, I can’t come up with another winner or singer who hit it big from ‘The Voice’ but I can name you plenty of household names that were on ‘American Idol.’

Here comes the hardest critique, who is a better host, Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest? I like Carson Daly better as a personality but I think Ryan Seacrest is a better showman.

To sum up everything, I think American Idol needs to keep it simple and accept their role as a recurring yearly tradition. ‘The Voice’ needs another element in the “Blinds” like allowing audience input like for example let them all have a paddle with two buttons that would show “Yea or Nay.” I'm not saying have the audience pick contestants but allow their input. Over all I would still say American Idol has a slight edge on ‘The Voice’ when it comes to talent searches.