With the American Music Awards behind us and the People’s Choice, Golden Globes included in the slew of awards shows that come in the spring. Have you thought of an acceptance speech or a list of people you’d thank for who and where you are now?

Bangor 1995/1996

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, I think it's a great tie in. First, I’d thank my wife and family for putting up with all of the changes that come with a radio career. She has to be a tough person to take all of the attention from people she and I don’t know face to face. Mac and Al would certainly be first I’d thank for where I am and for what I want to do for a living. Thanks to Sky Taylor for the first real live "longer term" on air gig in Bangor in 1995. For helping me get into the business back in1992, I’d thank my teacher Don Mabee of The Atlantic Broadcast Centre in Saint John, New Brunswick. Plus, Ethan and Randi from a group in South Portland in 1998, thanks to them as well. Kramer, thank you too for picking me up for the Moose after the layoffs in Bangor in 1996. Over all, I’d like to thank you for listening to the show and reading my posts.

Just wish there were DJ awards like there are for recording artists, athletes, actors, etc. Penguin suit, round table, bottle of bubbly, return air too, that would be pretty sweet. Happy Thanksgiving!