That’s my gator-girl! I met her in a swamp tour earlier this year in Louisiana. But you have a chance to meet your own gator at the 92Moose Kid Fest Sunday April 6th.  I am really looking forward to this. Jeff is bringing, among other animals, an alligator.  Normally, I would not be that excited about an alligator, but having seen their habit, but not much of them, I am excited. They are amazing animals.

I learned a lot about ‘gators when I was in Louisiana this winter. I did not see a lot of regular alligators while I was there, but I did see a number of albino ‘gaters. In fact I spend about ten minutes face to face with one. It was the zoo and there was a VERY think pane of glass between us, but still, it was thrilling to get such a close look at an animal I might not otherwise ever see.  That is why the Jeff Musial show is going to be so cool!! You will see a bunch of different animals and learn more about all of them.

Jeff will also have a spider monkey, a kangaroo and others of his four legged friends. Jeff is very funny and informative. If you check out the videos, he and the animals take over in the most delightful way.