As many of you know, my sister married her now husband Patrick almost 2 weeks ago. As part of our wedding gift to them I DJ'd their wedding! I mean, how much fun is that?!

This past weekend we had them over with a lot of other family as we revealed the gender of our new baby. However, before things started to get going, Pat + Michelle had us come out to the garage because they 'had something for us'. Little did I know, they had gotten US a gift for giving THEM a gift! What kind of universe is this?! Per Pat's instructions, I closed my eyes and held out my hands. I was taken aback by how big and heavy the box placed into my arms was- So I opened my eyes... Two brand new garage door openers! Are you kidding me? And not only did we get them as gifts, Patrick and Michelle stayed late to help with the installation. And by help I mean Pat did it all by himself and I drank rum and coke.

Thank you again to 2 wonderful people with big hearts! I know Keri DEFINITELY appreciates this as she'll soon be pulling into the garage with a baby in the back!