In 2010, the chairlifts of Big Squaw Mountain on the southwestern side of Moosehead Lake stopped for the last time. The doors closed, the skiers left and the once boisterous wintertime retreat was desolate and silent, save for wildlife. That's going to change.

With a target date of Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the ski mountain will open as a non-profit entity called The Friends of Squaw Mountain. The team of volunteers, led by non-profit founder Amy Lane, co-owner of Grey Ghost Camps in Rockwood, is relying on donations for start-up costs which include everything from construction to painting to insurance to leasing a trail groomer and more. Hopefully, crowds of happy skiers will sustain the ski area through the winter.

Rental boots ready at Squaw (Facebook)

The current owner of the resort, who lives in New Hampshire, has agreed to lease the ski area to the group for a fee of $1 a year. I'll go out on a limb and say this is probably one of the better rental rates in the whole region.

If you'd like to make a donation as people from as far away as Oregon, Tennessee and North Carolina have, you can use the Paypal link right on their website.

Lunch counter inside Squaw Mtn lodge (Facebook)