Unless you work alone, there's going to be something a co-worker does that just drives you crazy. Maybe, it's just a little annoying habit that, to you, is like fingernails on a chalkboard? It could be just some repetitive action, that by itself seems normal, but after the 100th time of the day, you have just had it!

A little ole video we made this morning of Jon and his tongue, sparked these thoughts. You see, Jonny loves to show his tongue, off-air and on, almost every morning. It's a sight we could do without. I also know, that the clicking of a pen incessantly drives Renee batty!

Jon, is going to kill me, but he also has a habit of putting his left hand in his pocket and playing with whatever may be in there. Not a nice visual. You might hear me crack up some mornings in the middle of a conversation. It's usually because 'Lefty' is going at it!

The smell of strong perfume or cologne sets me off, too. That one is also on a list at levoleague.com of the 'Top 10 Ways You Annoy Your Co-workers.' Not that I'm encouraging to do these, but the list also includes: chewing loudly, bringing in smelly food and close talkers. Ah, yes, 'Close Talkers.' Do you remember the classic 'Seinfeld' episode?

If you're looking for more pranking than annoying, wikihow.com also has compiled a list that includes ways to annoy your c-workers...on purpose! Their plans include: turning the copy machine in the office to ninety-nine copies, putting tape over mouse optics so when they go to use it, it doesn’t move and burning food in the microwave so the whole office reeks. Wait, I did that one! However, it involved a toaster oven and pop tarts. Not pretty!

Let's get a list going and commensurate and maybe, just maybe, we can stop some of the behavior. Probably not, but what the heck?

What are the most annoying things your co-workers do?