One of the BIG reasons I am glad to be back in Maine?  LEGAL FIREWORKS!  The last time I live in Maine (14 years ago) they were still illegal.

Not that that stopped by father from bringing some back from his trucking trips through New Hampshire...  The first time I saw him shoot off a Roman Candle was the highlight of my Summer (Gimme a break!  It doesn't take much to impress a 5 year old)

But, still, most of the time all we had were sparklers.  And, not even the good kind that had different colors.  Just the regular bright white ones.  BORING!  But, for some reason, my mother was still freaked out about us using them.  The way she cringed every time we lit one up, you'd think we were playing dynamite.

Still not sure what I'm going to light off first...  Roman Candle?  Black Cat?  One of the cool colorful sparklers?  I've got a couple days to decide.  The important thing?  I've got the route to the hospital in my GPS (just in case).