I'm just now getting into playing games on my phone and tablet.  Well, on my droid phone, at least.  Back in the day I was a "Snake" master!  I just grabbed the game "Survive - Wilderness Survival".  Basically, it is like Oregon Trail on steroids!

The game starts with your car stuck in the mud nearly 100 miles from safety.  Your goal is to, through smart decision making, get to safety.  You'll decide what course you take (woods, hills, rivers, etc) as you make your way toward safety.  Also, when to ear, drink, rest, and travel.

I've only played for a few minutes, but so far, it is addicting!  So far, it is only available for Android, but the iOS version is supposed to drop in December.  It is free and you can get more info here.

Check out some pics from the game...