We all know the story about the “unsinkable” ship, RMS Titanic. She was bold, luxurious and above all massive. Today 102 years ago, we learned she was sinkable and went down due to hitting an iceberg.

On April 10, 1912, the cruise ship left port in England sailing to New York City on her maiden voyage. She was carrying 2,240 passengers and crew. After crossing the open Atlantic for four days on April 14th late at night (about 11:30 pm) the vessel hit an iceberg east of the province of Newfoundland in Canada and after taking on water for a few hours at about 2:20 am on April 15th the ship sank taking with her about two thirds of the people onboard.

Why so many deaths? Not enough lifeboats, arrogance, drunkenness, lack of organization, etc.

It really was one of the worst maritime disasters in our history.

Some of the artifacts and stories can be found in a museum in my hometown of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.