A fire from last summer.

A sigh of relief of sorts because April vacation is almost over. I kid, sort of. What a week. Redoing the kids’ rooms and we’re still on Justin’s, it’s the last of the three but all rooms were and are more work then anticipated.

I think tonight after the show, if the rain holds off, we’ll have our first bonfire for the 2013 summer season. Lynn bought the stuff to make s’mores and there is loads of kindling after the winter. Branches are everywhere that mixed with the cardboard from all of the stuff we bought to redo the rooms should make it go.

Maybe I’ll post pictures later of the festivities in a new post or on Facebook. A celebration of the work almost finished. I’ll be happy when I can vacuum and clean up and live without stress. Wait, live without stress? It will probably never happen. Enjoy your weekend.