Jared Wickerham, Getty Images

On the heels of me posting my predictions. I have less of an issue with this others because of the hours I work. This write up is more about the broadcasters, TBS, MLB and Fox.

Do your kids like major league baseball? Do you think the games are on too late? My kids are look warm on watching baseball. If it’s on they’ll watch. What about you?

The game broadcasts are scheduled to begin at 8 pm but first pitch can be as late as 8:15 pm after the pre-game ceremonies.

Playoff games are often slower because there is more at stake. Post-season games have usually more pitching changes, more player concentration, batters calling “time” etc. There have been nine inning games that have gone as late as midnight and that’s even late for many adults.

I know the networks want these games in “prime time” but even if first pitch were slated for 7:15 pm, TBS, MLB and Fox would have the bulk of their "prime time" covered.