Do you watch ‘The Voice'? Although in the bottom three and saved by tweets last night, my favorite still is Kat. On Monday she performed Awolnation’s, 'Sail.' She’s the rocker, hugger and crowd-surfer on CeeLo’s team. I am writing more about the broadcast itself than than the singers.

I DVR the show because of work and because it conflicts with ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ So anyway back to the point, I watched the last two episodes of ‘The Voice’ this morning and it seems that every episode has technical issues. Every few minutes, the show would hiccup or completely go blank for few seconds, then come back.

At first I thought maybe it was the wind or weather related, in some way. However, that can’t be the case for every episode. All of the other shows recorded on my DVR run perfectly.  I honestly entertained the idea that it may have been NBC intentionally messing with the recorded version to frustrate the viewer into watching it in real time. A co-worker of mine told me today that it is a glitch-y broadcast even when it airs at 8 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I have Direct TV, the co-worker mentioned has DISH. Is 'The Voice' like Swiss cheese on Time Warner Cable as well? I’m just curious if you are feeling my pain. It’s a multi-million dollar broadcast. You would think they would be able to get it on the air without interruptions.

Please, I know it’s not a first world problem, but let it be my complaint of the day.