Are you watching the World Baseball Classic? Yes I know, it’s only the third installment and it is referred to as a “classic”, I get that but it’s still baseball that means something. The U.S. won two games out three in the first round for the right to move on to the second round. That second round for the U.S. starts tonight as the U.S. takes on Puerto Rico. I don’t quite understand the tournament but it seems pretty much like a double elimination tournament at least until this point. Isn't Puerto Rico part of the U.S. but I digress?

In the first round in the same division or “pool” as the U.S. was a game between Canada and Mexico. Not sure what started the brawl but normally polite Canada and Mexico went at it right on Chase Field over this past weekend.  In international play I like Canada however I cheer for the U.S. when they play each other. Sunday could have been an exception if the U.S. was out of the tournament going into the game against Canada. Rather Canada than Mexico because Canada where I grew up and was raised.

The World Baseball Classic is odd too because Chase Field always looks close to a sell out crowd but in the Tokyo location it always looks dead, like there are only 10 people in the place. I kind of wish bigger names would play in the World Baseball Classic. I guess, ball players bread and butter is the MLB and I’m sure coaches and managers would rather have their players in spring training than playing in say, Japan.