Wow has the late night talk show circuit gotten busy and crowded over the last 20 years. Although I think it’s for the better because now we have a variety of talent and styles. You have the network hosts, Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, Ferguson and Jimmy Fallon and your cable shows, Conan, Chelsea Lately, Jon Stewart and Colbert. Just added, Arsenio Hall!

I remember in my late teens and early 20s watching the original Arsenio Hall Show with guests like Tupac, Bill Clinton, madonna and Eddie Murphy. In the segment with Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson came out on stage as a surprise. He was huge when you think back about the show and guests he had.

He began is return to late night after almost 20 years on Monday night. Chris Tucker and Snoop Lion/ Snoop Dogg were on, Snoop did, “What’s My Name” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Paula Abdul as well made an appearance durring a time capsule bit out of the blue as well.

Last night, both Ice Cube and Lisa Kudrow were guests along with a performance from Mac Miller.

Arsenio’s interviewing techniques are still spot on and his bits are funny.  The only thing he needs to watch out for is what happens after the novelty wears off. The new Arsenio Hall Show is locally on Fox 23 after the 10 pm news. Check him out but before you do, practice your, “woot, woot, woots”