Have you ever had some fun looking things up on Urban Dictionary? It's a great, and often hysterical way to get the meanings of slang terms and phrases.

But did you know you can also search for towns and cities on the site? We did, and Augusta and Maine didn't fare that well!


(Note: we have not corrected punctuation, capitalization or spelling--everything is presented exactly as it appears)

  • The capital of Maine that doesn't deserve it because Portland's way bigger with more to do.
  • A small blip on the map filled only with duplicate, crap chain stores & restaurants.
  • The only thing to do on a Friday night in Augusta, Maine is go to the Wal-Mart.
  • Augusta is an okay city, not the best capital but better then Montpelier VT and Pierre SD

Here's some examples of what Urban Dictionary has to say about Maine in general

  • A state with a population of just over a million people, visited by tourists year after year, their only goal is to piss off the natives, The person above has no idea what he is talking about because Maine is acutally a very expensive state to life in.
  • Maine, worth a visit, worth a lifetime.
    Maine, now you've seen it, go home you tourist!
  • a place where you can drive for fifty miles, go through the center of town in a minute and a half and then drive another fifty miles before you see another traffic light...
  • The state where boredom should be the capital.
  • Where it is nice out 4 days out of the year.
  • Birthplace of Paul Bunyan, Bangor is a small city in Maine full of people that don't know how to drive correctly.
  • The best thing to do on a Friday night in Bangor is get drunk and drive by Stephen King's house.

OK, that's rough! What do you think? Are these fair assessments? What would your definitions be? Let us know on Facebook