I spent some time a few years ago helping the Augusta Salvation Army get ready for its Christmas distribution.  I learned a lot about what they do, but the biggest lesson to me was, to make it all work they have to pre-plan. And that is where you come in, right now is application time.

October 29 to November 2 and again November 5 to November 9 from 9 am-2 pm and Wednesday 6-8 pm is the time to get application in for both Thanksgiving and Christmas signups. This is for families and individuals who need assistance in the Augusta, Hallowell, Sidney or Chelsea area. I know, it feels like those holidays are so far away, but they are not. And to make sure they can help as many people as need help, the Augusta Salvation Army needs to plan to meet the need. If you think you might need assistance, let them know. To apply for assistance you do need to bring some basic info when you apply, and they ask you please bring photo ID and a CMP bill or photo ID and DHHS paperwork for family.

The second part of this is to help families the Augusta Salvation Army will need the help the community. We will be helping them again this year get the word out on the needs of the the area.  The Angel Trees will be out again this year, the food drives will be happening.  So as you think about your holidays plans and your holiday shopping I help you remember the charity that is near and dear to your heart.