The Associated Press is reporting that an Augusta woman has been charged with assault after police allege she stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife and then stabbed him again as she drove him to the hospital.

According to the AP story, the Kennebec Journal reports 34-year-old Tracy Fleischer is charged with elevated aggravated assault and aggravated assault. An Augusta judge on Monday set bail at $75,000 after Fleischer's attorney argued that a $100,000 bail was excessive.

Police say Fleischer stabbed her husband in their North Pearl Street home on Friday and then a second time before discarding the knife from the car as she drove to MaineGeneral Medical Center, according to the AP story.

Police say at least one of the Fleischer's three children witnessed the stabbing. Prosecutors said in court Monday that Fleischer's husband was undergoing surgery and was expected to survive, the Associated Press story said.