Baby Kingsley was born on August 2nd and, since that day, he has been fighting for every breath he takes.  He has Congenital Heart Disease (ASD and VSD), Tracheal Malacia (his windpipe collapses when he tries to breathe), is deaf, and has Down Syndrome.  Kingsley and his family need your help.

Since his birth in August, Kingsley has been in and out of the Barbara Bush Wing at Maine Medical Center.  He has had two surgeries and will have a third on December 7th.  Despite these hardships, Kingsley is a bright-eyed baby who is always smiling.

Not surprisingly, this has put an incredible strain (financial and otherwise) on his family.  Kingsley's mom, Martha Marble, has three other children to care for.  She has resorted to hitchhiking daily from her home in Lewiston to the hospital in Portland.

This family needs our help.

The easiest way is to donate through the GoFundMe Page

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