On this day April 2nd back in 1987, the speed limit on the Interstates in limited areas was raised to 65 miles per hour (mph).

Before 1987 because of a bill signed in 1973 the speed limit was set at 55 mph as a way to conserve gas and curb deadly accidents. At the time it was thought at 55 mph you were getting the best fuel economy for highway travel and in theory driving at 55 mph would lead to fewer accidents but the fuel economy was only better slightly at 55 mph and after review it was found that drivers over all saved less about 1%. Now cars are built with much better fuel economy so it is somewhat really irrelevant the speed limit stay at just 55 mph for that reason.

Now from Old Town to Houlton on I-95 in Maine that are now at 75 mph.

The older I get the less I speed. If I see the speedometer getting up to 10 mph over the limit I slow down. Not so when I was younger. I have gotten four speeding tickets in my life. Back in the Spring of 1997 I got one on Rt. 201 in Gardiner for going 11 mph over doing 46 in a 35, in 2002 on 95 in Litchfield I was written up by Trooper Tim for going 81 in a 65 and received one on Rt 202 back in 2003 or 2004. Last but not least I got one back in May of 2010 in Wells on 95 driving 91 in a 65, but that was the last ticket and honestly probably the last time I drive 26 mph over the limit. I contested every ticket, and only gained time to pay on three occasions but did get my fine dropped from the ticket in 2004 at the Lewiston courthouse. Yes, always contest because at the very least it gives you months to pay.

How about you, have you gotten any speeding tickets?