Wow what a 3 day mini vacay! Normally my Mom, sister and nephew come in August but this year it didn't happen because my sister had other engagements and Mom didn't want to drive 12 hrs alone. So Mom thought it would be cool to fly in for the long weekend. She flew in Friday after work and aside from waking up this morning at 3 am to drive her to the Jetport all was great.

Day 1 (Saturday) Freeport for shopping. Fairly busy, Mom got a few things, we bought a couple of things for the kids including a winter coat for Vikki. $24 at Carter, SWEET!!! Dinner, we went to Mac's Grill in Auburn and had an evening backyard campfire.

Day 2 (Sunday) Kind of an errands day. We also went through the trails in back of our house. We live close to Mt. Apatite and our paths lead into the park's. So we had a little outdoor adventure. In the evening we watched 'The 3 Stooges.' Funny flick.

Day 3 (Monday) Did a bit of shopping and called my sister. Tossed the football around. Had frozen custard at Hodgman's in New Gloucester and homemade pizza for dinner. Lynn's an amazing cook. Went to bed early in order to wake up at 3 am.

So, we had a great time over the weekend. Mom/Grandma doted on the kids. Next visit will have us going to Halifax. First, tax refund and passports. See y'all on the radio tomorrow. Today I took a recoup day. May hang with LJ tonight at Mac's Grille, we'll see?