Watching Felix Baumgartner do the 24 mile high skydive yesterday reminded me of the movie at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. The Air and Space Museum has a few IMAX films they show, but for some reason the two times I’ve gone I've seen the same film entitled ‘To Fly.’ The film goes from balloon travel to the NASA space shuttles. Yes, it’s been running since at least 1987, but I digress. Now I read, the movie has been running since 1976. Need to edit in Felix, go full circle?

If you’ve never been to Washington DC to walk the National Mall and visit the many “free” or some would say, tax payer paid museums, you should. My advice though is go during February or April break. Both times I’ve been were in the spring, very positive experience, back in May of 1987 and April of 2010. Yes, it is busy but less crowded than other times and not 110 degrees. The musts at least for me, Air & Space, Natural History, American History, National Zoo and if you’re up for it, the Holocaust Museum. The Zoo is on the other side of town but the subway system is clean and fast.

Another cool place in DC is Union Station, there is a food court downstairs, retail stores and an elevator to the roof!  Contact Mike Michaud or Chellie Pingree/your member of US Congress' office regarding tours of the White House. When we went in April of 2010 the reflecting pools were being renovated but if the work is complete, there is nothing like the view from the Lincoln Memorial. There is really too much in Washington DC to mention in this post. A trip to DC is fun, inexpensive, historical and awe-inspiring.