When Michelle Peck answered the phone, I said "Hi, it's Jon and Renee from 92 Moose just calling to thank you for listening." Renee added, "we're just going down through a list." "By the way, we're sending you to San Diego to see One Direction in Concert!" I continued. After some muffled words, there were shrieks of excitement, mostly from Stacy, Michelle's daughter, who is a HUGE One Direction fan!

Well, she has something valid to be excited about. We're sending the two of them on a trip to San Diego in August, putting them up in a hotel for two nights, getting them an invitation to the band's sound check party and tickets to the concert! Oh yeah, we're throwing in $500 in spending cash for meals, souvenirs and, whatever they'd like!

When we do something big...we like to make it bigger. I think Michelle and Stacy will agree, this is pretty epic! Have fun ladies!!