If you've driven down Western Avenue in Augusta recently, you may have noticed some construction going on at McDonald's (it IS open during construction, by-the-way).  According to store manager Kim Norris, the restaurant is going through some major renovations you're going to love.

In addition to a major face-lift of the restaurant (inside and outside), new additions will include:

-Self Order Kiosks - Customers will be able to order from the kiosks in the lobby.  They'll then sit down at a table and have their orders delivered to them.

-Cellphone Orders - You'll be able to order and pay using your cellphone.  Customers will pull into a specific spot in the parking lot and order using the McDonald's App.  Their order will then be brought out to them, or they can come inside and pick it up.

Some have said the new technology will eliminate the need for workers, but Norris, who's been with the company since 1974, says that is not the case.  She says, "Someone will assist the customers at the kiosk with the ordering process. Give them a table marker and have them sit in the lobby. That person will then deliver the food and drinks and perform a followup visit to those customers to ensure all expectations are met. With Mcdonald's it is all about the overall experience and hospitality. My store has been doing table delivery for a couple years and have had great success. This has been something I am personally proud of."

Once the renovations have been finished, there'll be daily specials with raffles and give-aways will take place as part of the grand opening plan. The plan will offer 4 weeks of specials.

Recently, there have also been several significant changes to the McDonald's menu including the addition of the signature sandwich line, new chicken tenders, and new McCafe options (the caramel machiatos are awesome).

Check out these renderings of what the finished renovations will look like:

New McDonalds Outside
New McDoanlds Dining Room