At my son's school, Park Avenue Elementary in Auburn over the past month or so the school along with the Ancient Brothers of Lodge #178 and Rainbow Bicycles put on a reading incentive entitled, "Bikes for Books."

Arthur from Ancient Brothers

The students after reading a book filled out an entry blank and their name was entered for a drawing for a sized bike and helmet. The school gave away 18 sized bikes and helmets today; two bikes and two helmets each for grades, pre-k to fifth. One for a boy and one for a girl. Sixth graders had four bikes and helmets up for grabs. The idea, the more you read the more entries you fill out and the better your chances are of winning.

Rainbow Bicycles giving the safety tips

This morning was the "payoff" as we say in radio, the day the bikes were drawn. A lot of happy kids at the school during the Wednesday morning assembly aka. "Morning Sing." Congratulations to all of winners and to those who didn't win, great job reading and maybe next time.

Principal Vickie Gaylord drawing a bike winner

What is a better mix than reading and outdoor activity? A huge thanks to the Ancient Brothers from lodge #178 for the donation of all the bikes and helmets, Rainbow Bicycles for the sizing of each and safety tips and of course Park Avenue for doing the program.